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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GIO: Bobbin Rings

Hopefully you don't have a container that looks like this, but if you do I have the PERFECT solution. PERFECT in this case means CHEAP & EASY/QUICK!
Notice the garbage twist ties? I've tried just about everything at this point, aside from spending money on an actual bobbin saver.
 Enter 10 feet of vinyl tubing that I purchased at Home Depot for $4.38 (The 20 foot roll was a better price per foot, but the Hubster kindly reminded me that it's not a good deal if it sits in a bin forever. I may have "hording" tendencies when it comes to craft supplies)! 

 I did not measure or mark the tubing before cutting the rings, just grabbed my everyday scissors & started cutting. If you want perfect rings you could cut with an Xacto knife and metal straight edge. Once the rings are cut you will need to cut each ring open, so that it will slip over the threaded bobbin.
So excited to have these little beauties in my sewing box instead of the tangle that they used to be! 

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  1. This is fabulous!! What an awesome solution. I will be doing this ASAP.