Please feel free to use my projects as inspiration for your own, but whenever possible, please link to my original idea & leave me a comment letting me know. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GIO: Bobbin Rings

Hopefully you don't have a container that looks like this, but if you do I have the PERFECT solution. PERFECT in this case means CHEAP & EASY/QUICK!
Notice the garbage twist ties? I've tried just about everything at this point, aside from spending money on an actual bobbin saver.
 Enter 10 feet of vinyl tubing that I purchased at Home Depot for $4.38 (The 20 foot roll was a better price per foot, but the Hubster kindly reminded me that it's not a good deal if it sits in a bin forever. I may have "hording" tendencies when it comes to craft supplies)! 

 I did not measure or mark the tubing before cutting the rings, just grabbed my everyday scissors & started cutting. If you want perfect rings you could cut with an Xacto knife and metal straight edge. Once the rings are cut you will need to cut each ring open, so that it will slip over the threaded bobbin.
So excited to have these little beauties in my sewing box instead of the tangle that they used to be! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GIO: Get It Organized

Today is my first installment of "Get It Organized", "GIO" for short. I am excited to share some of my original ideas in this feature & some other AMAZING ideas I have come across. ENJOY!

ROLLED GROCERY BAG TUTORIAL: I used this great tutorial to turn this grocery bag mess in to 

 this stack of organized rolls.
These are so handy to stash in spots around the house and car & as for the time it took to roll them, I rolled mine while watching a little T.V. when I otherwise would have been doing nothing.

Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY: Baby Leg Warmers

I was going to put our little Jae Bird in jeans for our family photo session, until I remembered she had this cute denim skirt; why not show off those adorable chubby knees at the only time in a girl's life when it is okay to point them out! I've LOVED leg warmers since I was a child in the 80's and got my first pair! It was decided, Jae Bird had to have a pair & rather than fork out a load of money for a store bought pair, I decided to make them. I set out for Goodwill with less than 24 hours left before our photo appointment hoping to find the perfect cotton clothing piece that had been cast aside, just for me to find. Due to the time constraints I had to take these photos & prepare this tutorial after the fact, but at least now you get to see a few CUTE photos of Jae Bird from our photo shoot.
 Cute long sleeved cotton shirt from Goodwill. I opted to cut the sleeves off for my leg warmers, but I did leave a cute cap sleeve on either side, just in case I decide I need to wear the shirt someday (chances are it will find another purpose before that day comes).
 I cut the sleeves to 18.5" long and then used my rotary cutter & ruler to cut the seam off leaving each sleeve 3" folded (6" flat). I left the original wrist seam in tact & then sewed the length of each sleeve back up with a 1/4" seam.
You could stop at the last step & fold the top down & sew, but I LOVE a good slouch on a pair of leg warmers, so I used a pair of baby tights to give me just a little more control over how the leg warmers slouched. I cut two 7" lengths off a pair of tights and slid them over the sleeve that is turned wrong side out.

 Fold the top down over the tights & then keep pulling the rest of the length through until they are right side out & the top is completely tucked in.
Finished and ready to wear!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grandparents' Day 2012

Don't worry Grandparents' Day is not until September 9th, but I thought I would post this now to give you lots of time to get your ideas together. I decided that I might as well tackle this gift as I was working on Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts for my parents & then send them all out in one big box. One big box filled with lots of pictures of Granddaughter #1 will hopefully help me gloss over the fact that it will probably be September before I get to the Post Office to mail out the box.
Large frame from Ikea...I picked a cheap generic frame as my Mom is mid decision on paint colors for her house &  I wanted to wait to buy a nicer frame until the painting is done.

ALWAYS a sentimental "cheesy" caption from me!

This project isn't anything too difficult, but I do have a few tips & suggestions when it comes to the map.
There are loads of places to print maps from home, but I wanted mine printed on glossy cardstock, so I headed to Staples. I borrowed an Atlas they had for sale & went to work making it just right. Once I found the right cross section of the U.S. map (it certainly helps that the route we normally take is nearly a straight line compared to the other routes) I enlarged it to legal size (8.5" x 14"). I also played with the functions that adjust the color & cooled down the browns, yellows & greens to a nice cool "beachy" pallet. After I enlarged it I cut it down to just the cross section I needed & then copied it to the glossy cardstock (if the place you go doesn't carry glossy cardstock in legal size, they should carry it in ledger size (11" x 17"), so make sure to ask.
As for the stitching I took a needle just larger than the red cord I used and punched each hole along the route. Where the road is straighter the holes are farther apart, but the holes need to be much closer together to follow the curvier spots. A back stitch is perfect for this project! Sublime Stitching has a great series on basic stitches and here is the link to their How-To on back stitching. Rather than have a knot on the back I just taped the end of the cord down to the back of the map.

I hope you loved this idea and I would love to see what my idea inspires you to create!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Besides being Jae Bird's first Halloween, it was also the first for my nephew Dash. My sister had every intention of dressing Dash up in an Incredibles costume & letting Dash be himself for Halloween. Except on Ebay for way too many pennies, Incredibles costumes are hard to find, so I offered to make his costume.
Dash getting thanked by the princesses after he saved them.
Dashcredible all ready to go save the world!
Hanging out at home after saving the world!

Handmade Gift Exchange

gift swap on craftaholics anonymous

I am participating in the Handmade Gift Exchange again. I had so much fun making something for someone who I had never met in person, but who I felt like I had gotten to know by asking a few questions & checking out her style by reading her blog. Head over to Craftaholics Anonymous if you want to participate.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~ Spinning in Style ~

I got a call from my Mom awhile back asking me if I could make an earring holder for a friend's daughter who was turning 12 and getting her ears pierced. I scoured the local Goodwill for things that would work & actually bought 3 items that I thought would work really well.

ENJOY the BEFORE & AFTER photos of the winning find!
BEFORE: a dusty little spinning picture frame, found at Goodwill for $3.99.
AFTER: a funky pattern & a new purpose!
I removed the glass, inserted plastic mesh & what was once a spinning picture frame is now a stylish earring holder.